NoteCase Pro for Android*

Android edition implements many of the same features (see below) as the more powerful NoteCase Pro — that runs on Windows, OS X, Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris, Raspberry Pi, Nokia Maemo and OpenPandora — including shared file formats, so you can sync or merge your Android notes with NoteCase Pro documents on other platforms. Individual documents can be encrypted if desired.

This edition supports different layouts depending on whether you install it on a phone or tablet (portrait or landscape mode).
See the screengrabs below showing the app in use:

*(Please do not confuse this app with URSafe NoteCase Pro for Android, whose file formats are incompatible with NoteCase Pro. This is the real NoteCase Pro for Android.)

Program editions:

Android Free "Lite" mode Limit some features (no support for encrypted format, attachments, search, sorting).
Android Full (paid) license No restrictions in features.

Comparison table:

Feature Android Lite Android Full
License costs Free 5USD
File save
Unlimited number of notes can be saved per document
Multilingual support in graphical user interface.
Spell-checker (system) (system)
Unencrypted and encrypted document formats supported natively .ncdb only .ncdb and .ncde
Subscript and superscript text formatting  –   – 
Rich text formatting (bold, italic, underline, strikethrough, custom text color, colored text background, multiple fonts and type sizes).
Text alignment (left, right, center, justified)  –   – 
Graphic images can imported or pasted to notes from a large variety of graphic image formats (stored in .png or .jpg format)
Activate hyperlinks from within the program
In-line hyperlinks to a particular note in the same NoteCase Pro document
Support for external and internal links (links to external file and links to internal document notes)
In-line hyperlinks to a particular note in another NoteCase Pro document  –   – 
Note actions
Force icon for note with attached files
Attach files to notes  – 
Find Next And Find All  – 
Note tagging  –  (view only)  –  (view only)
Tree actions
Don’t be trapped by your outline’s hierarchy, work with flat list view of notes (filled by search action)  – 
Multiple text note operations are supported (moving up/down/left/right, branch expansion and collapsing, etc.)
Sort notes alphanumerically in ascending or descending order  –