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Licensing and prices

For desktop edition (Android not included), there are several single-user licensing modes available. They differ by:

1. Allowed operating system:
  1. single OS platform (user indicates desired platform: Windows, Linux, OS X, Solaris, FreeBSD, Nokia Maemo or Sharp Zaurus)
  2. all supported platforms (single installation on each of the supported OS families allowed)
    Note that Windows platform for a single user allows you to use one installed version and one portable version in parallel.

2. License validity period:
  1. exact product version - license is valid only for the exact version available at the time of purchase (e.g. only on v3.6.3)
  2. one major version - license is valid for one major version span, starting with the version available at the time of purchase (e.g. from 1.3.4 to 2.3.3). This approximates to two years of program updates. After the license expires, you won't be able to use newer updates, but you can keep using the last update usable by your license.
  3. lifetime version - license has no version limit

Important note:
NoteCase Pro for Android build is licensed in one of the following ways:
  • using the "all OSes, forever" type of desktop license key
  • buying the Android-only license key (current price is 2 USD) through the following button
Separate license for Android is needed because Android version is a reimplementation of the desktop program, and the version numbers of these two editions are not correlated. Android-only license key is a lifetime license.

To make the program work, license key file should be copied to the root folder of the SD card on your Android device.

Pricing list for desktop edition (single user licenses) is given below:

License DescriptionPeriodOS platformPrice
Android licenselifetimeone
valid for exact version, single OSexact versionone7 EUR
valid for one major version, single OSmajor versionone17 EUR
valid for one major version, all supported platformsmajor versionall27 EUR
valid for lifetime, single OSlifetimeone37 EUR
valid for lifetime, all supported platformslifetimeall (incl. Android)67 EUR

Note that VAT may be added, depending on what country you are from. The pricing is subject to change without further notice.

Shopping procedure for Desktop Edition:

1. Decide on the license type you want to buy, based on the info above

2. To place your order visit this store page here.
    If you are buying a single OS license, please leave the desired OS name in the comment field.

3. After you finish the order process, both you and the program author will receive the email from

4. After the order has been confirmed, you'll receive the license key file with all the required instructions to your email address directly from the author of the program. Please allow for 24 hours for the process to finish (you might live in a different time zone than the author who lives in Croatia, or the author might be momentarily busy). It is also advizable to read the official blog in case the author is unavailable for a period of time (business trip or similar).
Please do not contact for program issue reporting (they are not related to the project, other then being 3rd party pament service).