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Do you care about your information? NoteCase Pro is designed to quickly capture, organize, protect, access, and recycle your information. NoteCase Pro strikes the right balance between ease of use and raw power.

Available now as a free download for a wide variety of platforms including desktop, netbook and mobile devices. Note that while the unregistered program is quite usable, paid license is required to unlock some advanced features.

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Current version:  4.8.0  (June 2024)

Now I’ve got the Pro version I’m loving it! The extra features are excellent and the price is good for so many platforms and versions.

— Mark Clarkson, UK

An outstanding program, not just for the storage and retrieval of information, but also for outlining and drafting papers, articles, essays -- even books. For any new project, I start by by opening a new NoteCase Pro file.

— Tim Kaye, USA

NoteCase Pro is really central to all my note-taking. Thanks so much for your work on it. I've got the files (not huge ones, though) on DropBox, and can access them from both my Windows 7 PC, and My Mac. I can even access the file if I download it to my Android devices.

— Walter F. Epley, USA

Using Notecase for more than 6 years now: 2000 nodes in 3 tabbed files and counting. The software is simple to use but yet thoughtful designed. The support is good and development ongoing. Oh, and did i mention Notecase is multi-platform?

— Lennart Aangeenbrug, Netherlands

NoteCase Pro has been used by me on Linux and Windows for several years, and it has proven an indispensable and reliable everyday tool for managing a wide variety of data. Support from the publisher has been superb and its already extensive range of functions are constantly being improved and developed. NoteCase's portability across platforms is most impressive.

— Dr Douglas McFadzean, UK

If I could only have one writing app, this would be it. Key features for me: tabbed access to many project files (usually 7 or 8 open), rapid data entry, a tree that is easy to manipulate, and excellent export/data interchange (markdown, latex, html, rtf). NCP is fast and reliable with a fairly light memory footprint. It is remarkably feature-rich but the interface is simple. Features are there if you want them and stay out of the way if you don't. The biggest bonus of all: outstanding developer support!

— Dr. Arthur Younger, Toronto, Canada


Document text offers rich formatting with hyperlinks and embedded pictures. You can attach files or record audio directly into document notes.


Desktop version supports Windows, Macintosh, Linux, FreeBSD and Solaris. Mobile platforms include Android, Raspberry Pi, Nokia Maemo and OpenPandora.


Share your documents between multiple machines you own using a SSL encrypted private cloud (hosted on your own server computer).